2019 Keynote Address

Dr. Rajeev Kaula


Information Technology in College of Business

Missouri State University, Springfield, MO (USA)

Introduction of Dr. Rajeev Kaula

Dr. Rajeev Kaula is a Professor of Information Technology in College of Business at Missouri State University, Springfield, MO (USA). Besides teaching various courses in information technology, Dr. Kaula's areas of research include data modeling, data warehouse, business process, business rules, business intelligence, open information systems, and knowledge systems. Dr. Kaula has published research papers in many international journals and has written books on open information systems and Oracle database. He was also associated with the launch of Oracle Express Edition (XE) DBMS.

Topic: Digital Transformation


Information technology has transformed enterprises along with society and personal living. In fact, IT has become indispensable to all businesses. However, often times enterprises utilize technology in piece meal fashion that may not be conducive to their success in the global marketplace.  In this presentation various dimensions that enable an enterprise to transform itself digitally are outlined.

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