2020 Keynote Speech
Joy K. Rodriguez, Ph.D., ConversationsCamp.
From Pedagogy to Panic-gogy to Online-gogy COVID19 Lessons Learned … For Educators.
I, Dr. Joy Kamakamaewailani Rodriguez, Executive Director, ConversationsCamp, (an Educator, Foreign Language Consultant, and Online Expert) have worked throughout Asia and the Middle East for years, teaching Universities how to improve In-Class and Online Curriculum systems.
The Novel Coronavirus (COVID19) became that Global Pandemic that threw schools into crisis mode (on whether to or how best to, still, deliver their classes). In this interactive Keynote Speech, delegates will be encouraged to discuss the teaching challenges they faced, the opportunities it presented, and will receive a practical TOOLKIT of LIVE VIDEO resources.
COVID19 is/was a Pandemic that has altered the face of Teaching forever, changing the landscape of guided learning for both students and teachers. Our old ‘pedagogical’ model of standing (in classrooms) in front of students, was, fast, shifted to Teachers having to appear in front of webcams (to logged-in Users). Learning Management (LMS) software were the go-to for grading papers, scoring tests, and personalizing feedback – making online delivery easier and more effective, especially during the height of the virus-spread.

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